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I first began cosplaying in 2008 after being sucked into the world of cosplay masquerades by my school friends. In 2011 I graduated and began working on more solo projects and focusing on improving my craftsmanship. I went on to create many costumes from a variety of source material and expanded my skill set. In 2015, I began making step-by-step cosplay crafting tutorial videos on YouTube with the goal of providing a comprehensive pool of knowledge for beginner cosplayers.

Awards and Recognition

-Anime USA 2018 Sakura Matsuri Fashion Show 3rd Place for Mew Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew

-Otakon 2017 Honorable Mention for Krul Tepes from Owari No Seraph

-Anime USA 2016 Best Journeyman Friday for Liliana Vess from Magic the Gathering

-Otakon 2016 2nd Place Journeyman for Rumi Wakui from Idolmaster

-Anime USA 2016 Sakura Matsuri Fashion Show 1st Place for Junko from Dangan Ronpa

-Katsucon 2014 Hall Costume Contest Becky Taka Judges Award for Sakura from Tsubasa

-Anime USA 2013 Cosplay Craftsmanship Contest Honorable Mention for Shinobu from Nisemonogatari

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