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-July 2011


-This costume was made as a part of a Resident Evil group with friends. Ada was super fun to cosplay as, her gown is so elegant!

-Mind Fall Media:


-Dress was made out of a satiny-material found in the clearance section. It was hand-drafted on myself without a dress form (lots and lots of re-sewing) the black trim was the same as the scarf. The bodice laced up in the back and was haphazardly lined. The butterflies were painted on using a combination of fabric paint and acrylic + textile medium. 

-Scarf was made out of a strechy black costume material I had lying around

-Holster was made of vinyl and snaps

-Wig was borrowed from our Jill

-Shoes were my old dress heels. Not entirely accurate, but I have a huge difficulty finding shoes in my size

-Gun was a plastic toy from the dollar store. Would you believe it said ages 3+? That's a bit too real-looking for kids, even though it has an orange tip. Though, that's my personal opinion.

ada 3
ada 2
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