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-January 2019


-As soon as I saw Aqua in the game trailer I knew I wanted to make this outfit. Her design was a major creative challenge for me, as it incorporated a lot of unfamiliar techniques, primarily armor making. While not perfect, I'm very proud of how this costume turned out- my first project of the new year!

-Clouds Cosplay Photography


-Leotard was made of a dark blue performance fabric with attached bra cups. The straps were made of satin ribbon with Velcro in the center for attaching the emblem.

-Emblem was made from foam and foam clay, and attached to the leotard with Velcro.

-Corset was made of a pleather like material. It was lined in cotton and had rigilene boning for support.

-Leggings were made or stretch fabric and were made to imitate the look of shorts and thigh highs. 

-Skirt with attached sashes was made from a blue iridescent fabric. The bottom edge was weathered and unfinished to match the character design.

-Sleeves were made from the same material as the skirt with elastic sewn into the tops. The bottom edge was weathered and treated with Fray-check.

-Gloves were made from a red metallic stretch fabric. 

-Arm armor was made from foam and attached to the sleeves with safety pins.

-Ankle armor was made from foam and had elastic in the back to slip over the foot.

-Shoe armor was made from foam and elastic. There was a loop of elastic on the back that was threaded through the strap on the base boots.

-Keyblade was purchased from Spirit Halloween and painted.

-Wig was purchased from The Five Wits Wigs


Aqua- Kingdom Hearts 3
Aqua- Kingdom Hearts 3
Aqua- Kingdom Hearts 3
Aqua- Kingdom Hearts 3
Aqua- Kingdom Hearts 3
Aqua- Kingdom Hearts 3
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