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-November 2018


-Boosette is not officially a character from the Mario series. Instead, she is a fan creation- "What if Boo tried on the Super Crown and transformed into Peach?" For this project I didn't stick with a particular fan design, I just used whatever materials I had available to create something fun to wear and am pretty pleased with the result!



-Dress was made from white matte satin with cotton muslin lining at the bodice. It was made by modifying the same Simplicity pattern I used for Princess Peach. Instead of the hip puffs and contrast coloring I went with an all white color scheme and added tulle trimming to make it more ghostly.

-The base crown was made from foam using the pattern created by Arda Wigs Canada. The pink center portion was Styrofoam covered in fabric. It was glued to a headband to keep it in place.

-Necklace was made from white satin ribbon and tulle and tied behind the neck.

-Earrings were made from red plastic gem beads that I also used elsewhere on the costume.

-Gloves were purchased from Spirit Halloween and I sewed tulle to the ends.

-Wig was re-used from my Hanekawa cosplay.



Boosette- Mario Series
Boosette- Mario Series
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