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-August 2018


-Lately I've been trying to learn more about classic anime- and you can't ignore the iconic Dragon Ball series! Bulma has an enormous wardrobe to choose from, I picked this costume because I love pink and it looked super comfortable. The color scheme of this outfit varies greatly between reference images so I chose a more pastel look based off of a figurine.



-Dress was made from pink scuba knit with fleece appliques.

-Scarf and legwarmers made from lavender stretch knit.

-Glove made from brown stretch knit.

-Pouch made from blue fabric and lined in galaxy print cotton. It Velcros closed and the fake "buckle" was made by covering a foam oval in light blue metallic spandex. The belt was an old thrift store find.


-Boots were re-purposed from my Sonico cosplay, painted, and added fabric details.

-Wig from Purple Plum with a bow made of scrap red cotton.

-Dragon Ball was simply made by painting a Styrofoam ball with acrylic paint.


Bulma- Dragon Ball
Bulma- Dragon Ball
Bulma- Dragon Ball
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