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-February 2014


999 is such a hidden gem of a game- complex puzzles, colorful characters, and plot-twists galore! I wanted to pay tribute to the game as soon as I finished and began work on Clover. She was such a fun character to cosplay and her outfit is super comforable and warm.

-Dancing Squirrel Photography:

-the sweater was patterned off of a hoodie I already owned and made out of pink and black fleece.

-I made the bow and skirt out of plaid cotton. The bow was so loose it slipped over my head and the skirt had a zipper closure.

-The earmuffs were made by covering a headband with cow-print fleece and adding little "pillows" to the end stuffed with polyfil.

-The legwarmers were made out of three kinds of fake fur with pink fleece pompoms to match the jacket.

-The wig was my Morgiana wig pulled into loose pig tails and covered by two matching clip on curly ponytails.

-shoes, socks, and skirt were purchased

Clover- 999
Clover- 999
Clover- 999
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