Futaba Sakura
Futaba Sakura
Futaba Sakura
Futaba Sakura


-June 2017


-For Awesome Con this year I needed a comfortable costume that I could wear all day long. At the time I was playing Persona 5 and Futaba's casual gamer-punk style fit the bill perfectly. 


-Headphones were purchased and spray painted red.


-Glasses were made by popping the lenses out of some cheap sunglasses.


-Jacket was purchased and altered by replacing the lining and painting the design on the back.

-Shirt was purchased and altered with darts, a new neckline, and design painted on the front.

-Belt piece was made from pleather and clips to the belt loops of the shorts.


-Boots were re-used from my Misa cosplay.


-Wig and stockings were re-used from my Rei cosplay.


-Tank top and shorts were purchased.

VIDEO TUTORIALS: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJc_mbqn9HL63jd4s4W3IWicj-6QKhYBe