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Junko- Dangan Ronpa


-January 2016


-Junko was a dream costume of mine, ever since I played Dangan Ronpa. Even though the boots were killer (I lasted about an hour before taking them off) it was so much fun to pay tribute to one of my favorite games.


-The hairclips were patterned and made by me in a manner similar to the Monokuma Plushie and attached to clips to hold them on the wig.

-Necklace was made by turning some rhinestone trim from Joann's into charms and connected with black jump rings.

-Bra was purchased and I hand-sewed on lace trim and glued on little red rhinestones.

-Shirt was made out of black and white cotton sateen. The white detail on the sleeves was done by machine, while the large white design was white bias tape.

-Skirt was made out of plaid cotton with a zippper closure.

-Wig was from Arda wigs and cut and styled by me.

-Monokuma was made using the Cosmode #38 pattern.

-Boots were purchased.



-1st place in the Anime USA DC Sakura Matsuri Cosplay Fashion Show/Contest


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