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-January 2019


-For years I'd been wanting to cosplay Kairi and kept putting it off for various reasons. When her new design was teased in the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 I decided I'd waited long enough and it was finally time to become a Princess of Heart. 



-Dress was made from a sparkly performance fabric turned inside out to get the desired shade of pink.

-Tank top was patterned off of an existing garment and trimmed with sheer ruffle elastic.

-Bracelets were made from iridescent beads, leather wrapped glass beads, and cotton fabric with heat-activated studs.

-Necklace was made from harvesting a pearl charm from a brooch and threading it onto an elastic cord.

-Boots were re-used from Alice

-Wig was purchased from Purple Plum


Kairi- Kingdom Hearts 3
Kairi- Kingdom Hearts 3
Kairi- Kingdom Hearts 3
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