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-April 2018


-Tokyo Mew Mew is an early 2000's magical girl series about five girls each with the power of an endangered species. I used to borrow the manga from my local library when I was a kid and had a great time bringing this nostalgic character to life. This costume was created for the Anime USA Sakura Matsuri fashion show and we were lucky to do a photoshoot before the venue got too crowded.



-Bodice is made of pink casa satin and lined in cotton. It has plastic boning for support, pleated ribbon details, and laces up with back with hand-sewn eyelets.


-Bubble skirt has an elastic waistband and is filled with tulle for extra volume.

-Choker is made from satin with pleated ribbon detailing. The charm is made from foam and the choker closes in the back with an adjustable metal clasp.

-Arm puffs are satin with elastic channels at the top and bottom.

-Gloves are made from a metallic stretch knit with ribbon ties. The heart pin is made of foam.

-Tail is made of black velvet and has a wire core for posing. It is worn using an elastic waistband. The bow is interfaced satin with a metal bell.

-Garter is made from satin and pleated ribbon and has elastic inside.

-Boots covers are made from metallic stretch knit that slip over heeled boots. The ball of the foot has non-skid fabric glued to it for easier walking.

-Strawberry Bell weapon is made from a foam heart covered in fabric with foam medallion and metal bell.

-Wig is from Purple Plum and has attached black velvet cat ears.

AWARDS: 3rd Place in the 2018 Anime USA Sakura Matsuri Fashion Show


Mew Ichigo- Tokyo Mew Mew
Fashion Show
Mew Ichigo- Tokyo Mew Mew
Mew Ichigo- Tokyo Mew Mew
Mew Ichigo- Tokyo Mew Mew
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