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Morgiana- Magi
Morgiana- Magi
Morgiana- Magi
Morgiana- Magi

-August 2013


-This costume was made at the request of my husband who wanted me to make Morgiana to go with his Alibaba.


-Dress was made out of off-white gauze lined in muslin, to give it a little more texture. The bottom edge was zig-zagged but not hemmed for a more rough look.

-Legbands are made from elastic

-Anklets were made from vinyl and elastic and slip over the foot.

-Sash was made from the same material as the dress. Attached medallion is made from craft foam painted with gold acrylic paint.

-Bracelets were purchased from Forever 21 with glued on vinyl and paint designs. The chains were a separate piece that I attached clasps to to wrap them around the wrist.

-Wig was from Arda Wigs and was cut and styled by me.


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