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-June 2018


-Houseki No Kuni [or Land of the Lustrous] is a CG anime set in a world where humans no longer exist. Instead, it is inhabited by gem beings constantly at war with the people of the moon who wish to kidnap them and break them into jewelry. Phos is a young gem who, due to her fragility, is not permitted to join the fight despite her desire to do so. Not long after the series aired, Cut/Sew released the perfect base pattern for the leotard, and I decided to try it. I took a bit of creative license and decided to go with platform sandals instead of the more accurate loafers to make my legs longer/taller.



-Leotard was made using a four way stretch knit fabric and the Cut/Sew Moonstone pattern

- Belt was made from vinyl painted pearly white and snaps closed

-shirt, wig, tie, and shoes were purchased


Phos- Houseki No Kuni
Phos- Houseki No Kuni
Phos- Houseki No Kuni
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