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-January 2018


-Team Rocket are the original villains of Pokemon and I was thrilled when it was announced that they would be re-introducing the organization for the then upcoming Pokemon Ultra Moon/Sun. As soon as the designs were released I set to making the iconic Team Rocket outfit but with the new rainbow twist. Wearing the outfit also made me realize why Team Rocket is so ineffective- the outfit is completely impractical for doing anything other than standing around and looking vaguely threatening.



-Dress was made from a thick black stretch knit. The "R" was made from the Cosplay Fabrics iridescent blue stretch with a rainbow painted on top. 


-Belt was made from leftover fabric wrapped around a foam base with a Velcro closure.

-Gloves were made from dark grey stretch knit.

-Hat was made from black (poplin?).

-Boots were re-used from my Krul cosplay

-Wig was a Ferrari in mako green from Arda Wigs

-Pokeball prop was purchased.


Rainbow Rocket Grunt
Rainbow Rocket Grunt
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