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-March 2019


-Each year, an ever-growing group of cosplayers release an online April Fool's "prank" where they all dress in the same costume united with a common theme. For 2019, the chosen cosplay was a "Shy Gal" inspired by the Shy Guys from the Super Mario series as animated by Minus8.




-Dress made from red stretch knit with attached hood. 

-Belts made from brown elastic. The buckles were made from foam and are attached with Velcro.

-Mask made from fabric-wrapped foam using a pattern kindly provided by one of the Facebook group members. The black fabric on the eyes is partially see-through. There is no strap on the mask; I simply held it in place for photos.


-Shoes and stockings were purchased

-Wig was re-used from my Deku cosplay


Shy Gal- Super Mario Series
Shy Gal- Super Mario Series
Shy Gal- Super Mario Series
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