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-July 2018


-Because this costume was based off of multiple art sources there was a lot of inconsistency between the designs. In the end I decided to take parts of each and throw in my own twist. I used linen fabrics for a fantasy feel and dyed the dress pink to compliment the purple in the hood. To tie all the pieces together I incorporated a floral motif in the beads, buttons, and hood embellishment. 



-Dress was made from a hand-dyed linen blend using an altered version of the Cut/Sew Moonrise Mod Pattern. Each sleeve has an adjustable leather belt. There are two rings sewn on at the hip area to attach the decorative chains to.

-Hood was made out of a linen look material and buckles shut. The hood has plastic boning at the edge to keep its shape, hand-sewn stitch detailing at the front, and a metal floral embellishment.

-Glove was made out of the same material as the hood and has two rose beads sewn on the cuff


-Belt, leggings, and shoes were purchased


- Staff was reused from my Morrigan cosplay.

-Wig is the Good Gravity Quirk Release from The Five Wits


Fantasy Ochako- BNHA
Fantasy Ochako- BNHA
Fantasy Ochako- BNHA
Fantasy Ochako- BNHA
Fantasy Ochako- BNHA
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