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Pokeball Dress
Pokeball Dress


-November 2017


-With nerd culture becoming more mainstream large commercial pattern companies have been taking notice of the demand for cute fandom DIY projects..This Pokeball dress was part of a nerdy dress collection by Simplicity and I immediately wanted to make it as soon as I saw it. Even though I sewed this dress in 2017, I didn't wear it until 2018. We did a quick photoshoot in our hotel lobby at Katsucon since it was sleeting outside. The hotel had some fancy light fixtures  which resulted in some rather dramatic photos.



-Dress was made using Simplicity 8396. Both the top and bottom were made from printed cotton calico to give it more depth.


-Belt was made from ruffled black elastic with a faux pearl buckle.

-Necklace was made from plastic pearls on an elastic cord.

-Wig was reused from my Ada cosplay.

-Shoes were reused from my Megumi cosplay.

-Pikachu was made by me using a vintage 90's  McCall's Pokemon sewing pattern.


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