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Black Friday Masterpost

Here's a combined list of all the black Friday deals that I've found that may be helpful for your next costume! I will be updating this as I come across more deals, but if you find one that has been missed, please let me know in the comments below!

Allen Amis Creations 15% off discount code CYBER16:

Gothic Lolita Wigs 30% off cyber Monday discount code 30CM2016:

My Cosplay Sewing for Beginners E-book:

Solorobato 15% off discount code BF2016:

Stella Chuu's store 25% off discount code OMGBF:

The Five Wits free shipping:

TNT Cosplay Supplies 20% off EVA-38 foam discount code 2016CyberBus:

Wind of the Stars 40% off discount code blackfriday:

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