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Cut/Sew Sugar Witch Pattern Review

Cut/Sew is an indie pattern company based out of Florida that has been bursting onto the cosplay scene. I’ve been eyeing their patterns for quite some time and was absolutely thrilled when they offered to send me a pattern to review! Cut/Sew features patterns for both fashion pieces and more character-specific cosplay designs. After much consideration, I decided to go with pattern #12, Sugar Witch, which is based off of the witch Charlotte from Madoka Magica!

---------------------- THE PATTERN -------------------------

pattern front

The packaging is very cute and practical. Instead of the typical paper envelope, Cut/Sew markets their patterns in re-sealable plastic pouches. As someone who regularly fights with pattern envelopes only to give up and use a Zip-loc baggie, this is amazing. The pattern information is printed on a double-sided card that is pinned to the envelope. On the front is a cute illustration of a model wearing the finished garment next to line art of the pieces included.

pattern back

The back of the card has a QR code for the sizing chart, a list of sewing supplies required, and a list of notions. I love that the notion list is very clearly displayed, as it makes for an easy shopping list. Further down the card lists recommended fabric and the amount needed to purchase for each size. My only concern with this section is that there is no mention of fabric width. Some of my materials were wider than the rest, which lead to leftover fabric.

pattern guide

Instead of the usual flimsy tissue, Cut/Sew prints their patterns on heavy duty paper. It meant a bit more effort with pinning, but I had significantly less issue with pattern tearing than other patterns (I had one piece tear- but that was my own mistake and not a reflection of the pattern durability). Since the patterns are currently only available online or at select conventions I really appreciate the effort Cut/Sew puts in to make the patterns long-lasting. The sewing instructions are not included in the envelope; instead there is a link to digital instructions. This is wonderful- you never have to worry about misplacing them!

pattern lines

The size guidelines are printed in varying shades of grey to black. I found them very easy to follow and cut. Each pattern piece has markings for all four sizes, so there are no uncut pieces in the end that have to be stored.

------------------------------- INDIVIDUAL REVIEWS----------------------------

charlotte madoka magica

(photo by Webyugioh)

According to the Cut/Sew sizing chart ( I’m a size XL. For the interest of reviewing, I sewed this completely blind. By that I mean I did not make any mock-ups to test the fitting before diving into the sewing process. I definitely recommend making a mock-up of any pieces you are concerned about before you start sewing the final project. This goes for any new pattern regardless of the brand. Because there are so many components to this outfit, I reviewed them individually:


-Material Used: deep red stretch sateen

-Pros: The directions are very easy to follow and the cape has a nice fullness to it. I added some topstitching because I liked the effect.

-Feedback: The actual pattern varies slightly from the design pictured on the front of the envelope. The pattern piece has pointed corners in the front while the illustration has a curved front.


-Material Used: black and white spotted calico that I dyed red

-Pros: The directions were very easy to follow and the bow held its shape nicely. I added a duckbill clip to attach it to the wig because of personal preference.

-Feedback: None


-Material Used: black and white spotted calico that I dyed red

-Pros: Clever construction.

-Feedback: It did not fit at all. I could not get it over my head. Due to time constraints I simply seam ripped it open and pinned it in place for the photoshoot, perhaps longer elastic will fix the issue?


-Material Used: two shades of brown twill. I used darker brown for the sleeves to match the design in the anime.

-Pros: Easy to follow directions and it fit well around the bust. The floppy sleeves are also really fun to play around with.

-Feedback: None


-Material Used: pink cotton

-Pros: This was my first “bubble” type skirt and the instructions were very easy to understand.

-Feedback: Even though the directions were easy to understand, I struggled with the physical process of inserting the zipper. Opposite from the neck ruff, this garment was way too large. I ended up adding darts to the waistband to take it in a bit more.


Before I began the review, Cut/Sew informed me that this pattern is currently being reworked. I’m sure version 2.0 will be even better. The only issues I had with the pattern were fit, but these were things I could have easily adjusted if I had made a mock-up first. All of the instructions were easy to understand and follow. There were lots of tips sprinkled throughout the instructions. I really love that the writers took the time to define and explain the terms that they were using; it shows so much consideration for first-time cosplayers. They also made a point of finishing the edges of the garments using pinking shears. While I’m not a personal fan of pinking (I prefer zig-zagging) I think it’s awesome that they are teaching finishing techniques. This helpful nature, combined with the durability of the patterns, definitely makes this a pattern I would recommend to others. Thank you so much to Cut/Sew for this opportunity, I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

charlotte madoka magica

(Photo by Webyugioh)

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