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Motivation and Cosplay

It is very easy to get super pumped to start a new cosplay only to have the excitement wane as time passes, leaving you with an unfinished costume. Here are some tips for staying motivated to work on cosplay.

-Create a permanent deadline. Choose a non-negotiable deadline that the costume has to be done by in a way that holds yourself accountable such as entering a contest or scheduling a photoshoot.

(My Rumi cosplay had the added motivation of needing to be done in time for the Otakon costume contest. Photo by Catty Cosplay)

-Post progress. Post work-in-progress images on social media to create hype for the finished project. If your audience is excited for a costume some of that excitement can transfer back to you. A daily progress picture log can also motivate you to do something each day even if it is as small as sewing on a button.

-Refresh your memory. Remember why you wanted to cosplay this character in the first place by re-watching the series, listening to the soundtrack, or watching let’s-plays while you work.

-Ride the hype train. Looking at other fan works can rekindle love of a character and motivation. Just be careful not to get too lost in a spiral of art and fanfics that you run out of time to sew!

-Livestream. Twitch and other platforms allow you to broadcast your progress all over the world. The interaction (and feeling of being watched) can help keep distraction to a minimum.

-Work with friends. Schedule a sewing party with other cosplayers to work on your projects together. Even if they aren’t the same costumes it can help to have someone else to talk to if you get stuck.

-Plan your next project. The desire to start a new cosplay can be used to fuel the completion of a current project if you tell yourself you need to finish the old before starting on the new.

-Take a break. This may seem counter-productive, but sometimes taking a break can be exactly what’s needed for motivation if you are feeling frustrated. Putting a project aside lets your brain refocus and you may even come up with a solution you hadn’t thought of before!

I hope you found these ideas helpful! How do you stay motivated to work on cosplay? Is there something I missed? Let me know in the comments below.


Want to learn more about cosplay sewing? Check out my e-book: (currently available in Kindle format, though can be read on other devices through the free Kindle app).

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