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Fabric Spotlight: Tulle

Tulle is a great material for cosplayers. It is inexpensive, doesn’t fray, and can be used to add volume to any garment. It is available in a wide range of colors and the two most common lengths are 54in or 108in. The large holes in the material make it very difficult to pin, as most pins just slide right out. Tulle also has a tendency to cling to surrounding materials, especially if it has a raw edge exposed. Netting is similar to tulle, but has larger holes. For the sake of this article it will be included as well.

Listed below are some of the common tulle/netting available at chain fabric stores:

-Matte Tulle- the most basic of tulles (and the cheapest)

-Shiny Tulle- has a pretty sheen to it

-Glitter Tulle- great to look at but can shed glitter. The adhesive used to attach the glitter makes the tulle more likely to stick to things and not as flowy.

-Petticoat Net- stiffer netting great for adding volume

-Millinery Netting- for adding small veils to hats

-Cargo Netting- sturdy netting great for athletic purposes

gastly cosplay

(The skirt of my Gastly cosplay was made using five different colors of matte tulle. Photo by Webyugioh)

For more information about netting and tulle, check out

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