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What is the Casa Collection?

Casa is one of my favorite isles to shop at my local JoAnn’s, but it can be a bit overwhelming. Let’s take a moment to discuss what it is and how it can be utilized for cosplay. (Before we begin, this post is in no way affiliated with JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores and all opinions are my own based off of my personal shopping experiences.)

Now that the little disclaimer is out of the way, what is Casa? While the name may be coincidence, Casa is like the “house” collection of fabrics used to make garments for special occasions. Satin, taffeta, organza, chiffon- even matching linings- can be found nestled together in color-coordinating groups. Just like pre-made clothing, the available colors come and go based on seasonal fashion. You are more likely to find pastel colors in the spring and darker jewel-tones in the fall. Black and white are always available but the other colors are not permanent, so I recommend stocking up if you find a material that is PERFECT for a project and at a good price.

My go-to fabric in the Casa collection is matte satin. It photographs well and has a richness to it that is perfect for princess characters without the blinding sheen of the shiny satin. While I haven’t used it yet for a costume, Casa has been expanding with the Casa Embellish collection. Like the name suggests, these are highly embellished fabrics such as sequins and laces that really make a statement. Within the past month I’ve also seen Casa brand zippers and thread popping up that are dyed to match the available fabric shades, which could prove to be very handy.

halloween sakura cosplay

(If I had known how rare orange matte satin was I would have hoarded it like a dragon. Photo by Webyugioh)

I hope you found this post helpful. Let me know your opinion of the Casa collection in the comments below!

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