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Scarecrow Vampire Fang Review

With a cosplay handle that translates to “Princess of Bats” I cosplay a lot of vampires. And what is a vampire without fangs? My go-to fangs for years have been by Scarecrow and I figured it was high time I finally reviewed them.

My fangs were purchased back in 2012 from the Otakon dealers’ room by my boyfriend as a birthday gift to complete my Moka Akashiya cosplay. It’s been so long that I no longer have the original box, but I’m fairly certain they are the “Small Deluxe Custom Fangs.” The fangs themselves come nestled in foam padding displayed in a plastic coffin. (A+ packaging design in my personal opinion.)

scarecrow fang review

(Stock photo from the Scarecrow website)

By following the instructions on the back of the package, wearers are to mix together two mold components and scoop the resulting mixture into the hollows of the fangs. Allowing the mold to set while the fangs are worn customizes the fangs to the individual wearer. Supposedly this means the fangs can be popped on and off with ease for years to come.

This was not the case for me. I followed the instructions step by step and was able to wear them for the photoshoot. Afterwards the mold part itself popped out of the fang leaving me with the original shell. Only one set of mold components is included in the package so I was stuck with just the base fangs and no way to make a second attempt.

After some trial and error, I found that I could still wear the fangs if I filled the hollows with denture adhesive. Denture adhesive is available in a small tube and can easily be found in a local drug store. It is goopy and tastes terrible, but does the job well. After I am done being a vampire for the day, I scoop out the remaining adhesive and wash and dry the fangs for future use.

(Photo by Bahamut Night, victim is Webyugioh)

While the mold did not work for me, I am still very happy with the fangs themselves. They match my natural tooth color well and cause almost no difficulty when speaking. I personally have a small mouth, so I wear them on my incisors instead of my canines so that they show up better in photos. Despite my difficulties with the molding process, I would still recommend these fangs for anyone interested in using them for cosplay, though I would suggest having some denture adhesive for Plan B.

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