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Interview with Clouds Cosplay Photography

Let’s start with an introduction, how did you get into cosplay photography?

I started as a cosplayer and always took photos of myself so when I started going to conventions, friends would ask me to take their photos and it sort of branched from there.

Do you have a preferred type of photoshoot (ie. Genre, location)

On location shoots are my favorite types because I am not as rushed and have more control. My favorite genres to shoot are horror and drama but I am open to shooting anything!

What is your preferred equipment?

I am a canon user as far as brand of camera, as far as really love Sigma Art lenses though as far are lenses.

rin tohsaka cosplay

(Cosplayer: Naychan)

Do you have a dream photoshoot?

I would love to recreate some of the Danganronpa execution scenes! I would really love to do aspects of Kaede's, Nagito's, and Leon's. I feel those could be a lot of fun to do because their so over the top, interpreting it into realism I think could be really cool.

What is your favorite thing about cosplay photography?

I love being able to meet and talk to people. Every client is different and I love being able to learn what drives and inspires other cosplayers.

What is your least favorite thing about cosplay photography?

Probably the social media aspect of it. Social media with cosplay photography is very important because that is how you get your clients, So you have to be actively posting on as many forums of social media possible which just gets tedious to me, especially with Instagram where you can't upload photos from your desktop.

(Cosplayers: MrAJCosplay and Artoria Grey)

What do you do to prepare for a photoshoot?

For me, as a photographer, I do research of the character that they are doing and put together a mood board for myself as reference. This will include notes for myself for lighting, where to shoot, key points and inspirational poses. I also do a decent amount of research of the location we are shooting which normally has me looking at it on Google Earth and "walking" along the street before doing it in person the day before the con to pick out locations to shoot.

What advice do you have for a cosplayer preparing for a photoshoot?

I always ask for my clients to have two to three poses prepared so that we have something to work of off. I would also recommend looking up the location or scouting out the location for a place to shoot.

What advice do you have for a cosplayer during a photoshoot?

I definitely recommend communicating with the photographer as much as possible prior and during the photoshoot. Most of the time clients come very nervous which leads to them being very stiff in posing.

(Cosplayer: Klar Cosplay)

Do you have any memorable cosplay photography stories you would like to share?

One of my most memorable shoots was a surprise engagement shoot that I did for a good friend of mine, Onion Cosplay Photography. During our photoshoot, her now fiance came up and proposed and I had the honor to shoot it.

What advice do you have for someone interested in starting cosplay photography?

I encourage anyone who is wanting to try it to definitely try out! I would recommend that you start shooting with friends to get a feel for it to see if it is something you have a passion for before starting to formally do it. Cosplay Photography is a lot of fun but it is a lot of hard work that most people do not see. It requires a lot of time management, organization and marketing on top of the creative side.

(Cosplayers: Cuchintachan on Instagram & Pastry_Doodle on Instagram)

If someone is interested in booking a shoot with you where can they find you?

I actually have a website, is, or they can find me on my Facebook page which is!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I think that you covered it all! :D

A huge thank you to Clouds Cosplay Photography for your time and for sharing your insight with us!

(Cosplayer: Koumori No Hime)

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