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My Go-To Wig Resources

Recently I was asked where I typically get my wigs from, so here are my top three wigs resources. These are the wig companies that I have most recently/frequently purchased cosplay wigs from. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses, so let's dive a little deeper.

Arda has been a mainstay in the US cosplay community for a while now, both online and at conventions. I tend to choose Arda if I need a unique color or a specific wig with thick fibers.


-large, comfy wig cap

-thick wefts

-wide color selection

-their wigs have multiple colors of fibers mixed together (which has a more "natural" look)

-large selection of styles


-higher price (though you do get what you pay for)

-tangle easily (supposedly their "silky" collection is more tangle resistant)

-due to large sale volume, wigs tend to be on backorder (especially around holidays/major sales)

-orders may be processed slowly during periods of large sale volume

(Venus and two long clips in Rose Pink, styled and cut for Krul Tepes. Photo by Clouds Photography)

Purple Plum is my go-to for long wigs, pigtail wigs, or if I need something in a hurry,


-tangle resistant (obviously no wig will never tangle, especially long wigs, but in my opinion they don't tangle as much as other brands)

-last for a long time (I used the same wig for Megumi and Charlotte years apart and the wig looks exactly the same)


-fast shipping


-smaller wig cap

-thinner wefts

-all fibers are a uniform color

(Megumi photo taken in 2013 by Bahamut Night, Charlotte photo taken in 2017 by Webyugoh, using the same wig a Yuri plus second curly clip in cotton candy pink)

Admittedly I've only tried one wig from The Five Wits, but I was so impressed I plan to purchase more in the future. Unlike the previous wig sellers The Five Wits exclusively sells character-specific wigs.


-perfect for the character it is intended for

-minimal styling needed

-frequent restock


-only character-specific wigs, no general wigs

-product photos do not do wigs justice, try to look for customers photos/reviews

cheer ochako

(The Five Wits "Good Gravity Quirk Release," photo by Webyugioh)

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