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How to Choose a Cosplay Name

Choosing a cosplay name can seem a bit daunting, but can actually be fun. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

-What do you like? Perhaps the easiest way to make a cosplay name is to make a list of things you like and mix and match until you find something you think suits you.

-Can it be pronounced? Think about how easy it is for others to pronounce and spell your cosplay name, especially if you plan on entering contests or other social activities. I have found that since my user name is derived from the Japanese language, cosplayers who are not into anime or Japanese culture tend to struggle with it.

-Is it unique? On the flip side, names that are too generic can be confused with other people and may not let your work shine as a solo act.

-What image does it convey? A crude username may seem funny at the time, but is that really what you want your work to be associated with?

-Pick something you’re comfortable using for a long time. You plan on cosplaying for a long time, right? Choose a name that is meaningful to you in the long term. It may be tempting to go with a name based off your current fandom, but favorite series change year to year and don’t always hold the same special meaning.

-How much “you” do you want on the internet? Some cosplayers go by their full real names instead of a cosplay handle. There is nothing wrong with this; it is up to you to decide how much personal information you want on your profile. A middle ground some cosplayers take is to use their first and middle names as their cosplay name.

-Is someone else using it? Once you have a list of possible names, do a quick Google search to see if another cosplayer has taken it. If so, cross it off your list and keep looking.

Do you have any other suggestions for choosing a cosplay name? Or perhaps a story behind yours? Let me know in the comments below!

Want to see this blog in video format? Check it out below!

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