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To Share or Not to Share

Although it has died down some recently, the “Share for Share” phenomena is still out there. Let’s take some time to discuss why it doesn’t work.

“Share for Share” is the idea where a cosplayer shares another’s work in exchange for the stranger sharing the page of the original poster. Alternatively, “Like for Like” is a similar system except the two parties agree to like each other’s pages.

Maybe it’s because Facebook reach is dwindling, but I haven’t seen as many of these propositions flying around. That said, new-comers to the cosplay scene may still encounter it.

These methods seem like quick and easy ways to gain exposure and followers, but they actually lead to hollow numbers. Nine times out of ten the person suggesting “Share for Share” isn’t actually interested in your work. They are only interested in boosting themselves. They will like your page long enough for you to like theirs, but they won’t stay and follow your work. They won’t interact with your posts or take a genuine interest in what you are up to. Someone who likes your page because they are interested in your craft is far more valuable than 10 “share for share” followers. Focus on doing what you love and interact with the community you already have. If others are interested in what you make, they will stay. This may take longer, but will lead to a more rewarding cosplay experience.

Want to see this article in video format? Check it out here:

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