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Book Review: How to Launch a Successful Cosplay Patreon by Ginny Di (e-book)

As professional cosplay is becoming more mainstream, it is no surprise that Patreon is becoming a popular platform for cosplayers to turn to. New campaigns are popping up left and right, but not all are successful. If you are a cosplayer interested in starting a Patreon of your own, How to Launch a Successful Cosplay Patreon by Ginny Di is an invaluable resource.

Ginny takes the reader through all of the planning and implementation involved with creating their very own Patreon. The writing is clear, concise, and no-nonsense, but not in a way that talks down to the reader. She starts with a test to see if a cosplayer really is ready for Patreon in a positive, yet realistic approach. Even if the answer is no, she provides areas where the cosplayer can improve and lays the groundwork for a future campaign.

If the answer is yes, she takes the reader through the process of planning a Patreon that suits them in a similar reassuring, yet realistic, way. Ginny also does not shy away from pointing out the hard work and constant effort needed; Patreon is indeed a business venture. After the campaign is planned, she further elaborates on the marketing and actual implementation.

Even though I am not planning on launching a Patreon anytime soon, I still found the e-book to be an insightful read. For those actually in the process of creating a campaign, I highly recommend reading through before launch. For only $4.99 at the time of writing, it is a Patreon investment too good to ignore.

(Disclaimer: I did receive a free copy of this e-book due to my being involved in the Beta process. However, all opinions expressed are my own.)

[ How to Launch a Successful Cosplay Patreon by Ginny Di can be found here:]

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