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Taako Cosplay Tutorial Masterpost

cut sew taako pattern

Otakon was a great time for catching up with friends and swapping stories. As geeks that also meant sharing fandom recommendations. My roommate and I were browsing the stalls of the artist alley and came across the Cut/Sew Patternmaking booth. She had just finished describing to me her newest go-to commute podcast-The Adventure Zone- and we decided to strike a deal. If she got one of the Limited Edition Taako patterns, I would make the costume.

This was a unique challenge in that as of writing this there is no official Taako art references. I decided to keep the purple color scheme from the pattern envelope and add some sparkle and texture. The final result looked like this:

taako cosplay

Want to make a Taako cosplay of your own? Here is the pattern link and below are the sew-a-long videos!

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