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February 2017 Cosplay Culture Magazine Review

Not surprisingly, the theme of the February/March issue is love. Peppered in between the usual convention reports for events such as Blizzcon are nerdy wedding inspirations. The cover story focuses around Firefly Path, a company that makes exquisite fantasy-inspired gowns. I have been following their designs for quite some time and it was an absolute treat to see the ethereal designs featured in a magazine. Along with wedding gowns, there is an interview with a fandom wedding cake maker and a spread of nerdy invitations and party favors. I was a little disappointed that the invitations felt more “Pinterest inspiration board” rather than DIY (though the materials were briefly listed below), but I guess that is more on par for a wedding magazine so it is a small critique.

For a more personal aspect, there is an interview with Aicosu discussing what it’s like being a cosplay couple and another interview highlighting a different couple’s super hero themed ceremony. Throughout the magazine, both in articles and tucked into interview questions, is advice on creating a nerdy wedding that tailor fits the reader.

Romance was not the only focus of the magazine, however. There are two articles that focus on self-love: a concept that needs constant reinforcing in such a visual hobby. Every cosplay culture magazine features some craft project, and this issue included both a garter and Lolita cat ear bonnet. While not cosplay, Cosplay Culture takes the reader on a trip to RuffleCon- a convention for Lolita and other alternative fashion.

This magazine is the closest thing I have ever seen to a nerdy wedding magazine, and approaches the topic in a kind and positive way. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for ideas on how to slip their fandom into their personal ceremony. Yes, weddings do play a large part in the content this issue, but it is still a fun read for anyone looking for a bit more insight in the cosplay community. I was very pleased with this release of Cosplay Culture Magazine and look forward to what topic they will tackle next!

I personally got my copy at my local JoAnn Fabric and Crafts, but it is also available in various local bookstores and supermarkets,

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