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5 Ways Ironing Can Improve Your Cosplay

Irons are an invaluable tool in cosplay construction. Here are five ways ironing can improve your cosplay.

  1. Patterns- Have a pattern piece that is all crumpled up? A bit of light ironing on a low setting can iron the wrinkles out of tissue paper patterns. Just be extra careful to not burn the paper.

  2. Fabric- It is always a good idea to iron any winkles out of fabric before it is cut. Cutting wrinkled fabric leads to uneven edges and distorted shapes. In turn, this leads to an improperly fitting garment and an unpleasant sewing experience.

  3. Seams- Pressing seams open as you sew is a quick step that makes a cosplay look better fitted and more professional.

  4. Adhesives- Irons can be used to heat activate many adhesives on interfacings, appliques, and paints. These products can be used to provide an extra layer to detail to a costume.

  5. Presentation- Ironing a costume before it is worn leads to better photos and is a must if you are entering a costume into a competition. I pack my iron in my suitcase when I go to a convention so I don’t have to fuss with an unfamiliar hotel iron.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Do you have any additional ironing tips and tricks? Let me know in the comments below!

claire redfield cosplay

(Heat-sealing paint helps to keep it from coming off in the wash. Photo by BalthierFlare)

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