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How To Create Cosplays Faster

We are still full-swing in the middle of convention season and with conventions comes the dreaded con-crunch. Here are a few tips to maximize your cosplay efficiency to get that costume done on time.

  1. Gather Supplies In Advance- Make sure you have everything you need to complete a project on hand before you begin. This allows for maximum crafting time instead of having to start and stop working every time you need to run to the store for more thread. Yaya Han has stated multiple times that this trick is what allows her to bust out new costumes despite her frequent convention travels.

  2. Don’t Watch the Paint Dry- If you have an item that needs to be painted or glued, plan other parts of the costume that can be worked on while waiting for the product to dry. This is a more efficient use of time and the distraction decreases the chances of smearing a paint job because of impatience.

  3. Do Tasks In Batches- Streamlining the crafting process leads to quicker construction. Cut all the pieces out at the same time and label them. Pin as many pieces together as possible and do one sewing session instead of pinning one sleeve, sewing it, then pinning the other. Make both armor bracers at the same time instead of finishing one then starting on the second.

  4. Plan Out Your Tasks- I try to leave quiet, simple things like cutting out paper patterns or sewing on buttons for the evening when it is too dark to film. These tasks are necessary and important but can be done while watching TV and won’t wake up the neighbors.

  5. And Lastly, Practice- Just like with any skill, the more you do it the faster you will become. Something like creating a pleated skirt was very difficult for me when I first started but now it’s a breeze.

I hope you found these tips helpful. Do you have any tricks for efficient crafting? Let me know in the comments below!

liliana vess cosplay

(Liliana is a great example of many hours of hand-sewing. Photo by Clouds Photography)

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